Ayurveda * The antique Science for healthy life

Vata : air and ether (movement)
Pita : fire and water (transformation)
Kapha : water and earth (cohesion)

Ayurveda Elements

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing system that diagnoses and treats causes of ailments based on the whole being (the conventional Hindu system of medicine, founded chiefly on naturopathy and homeopathy). A complex method of treatment, Ayurveda creates a model of the person and develops a treatment plan designed uniquely for that individual.

The Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese, believe that music and sound are essential elements to balance and harmonize the individual.



Ayurveda’s goal is to restore balance among a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. One of the first procedures is to determine a person’s constitution and doshas, which are an individual’s elements and attributes. When doshas are unbalanced, the person manifests different symptoms. Ayurveda addresses these attributes and balances the doshas.

Daily Routine

Treatment plans include developing healthy daily habits, nutritional habits and various cleansing procedures. Daily routine is strict, and includes rising before the sun and praying before getting out of bed. Cleansing the face, mouth and eyes, and scraping the tongue are also important aspects. Every part of the daily Ayurvedic process is designed to keep the entire body and one’s spiritual being in healthy condition.


For each dosha, there are foods to avoid and foods to consume. With Vata (dry/light/cold) imbalance, one avoids dried fruits and vegetables and consume sweet fruits, garlic and mustard greens. Pitta (oily/light/hot) will favor sweet fruits over sour fruits and sweet and bitter vegetables over pungent ones. Kapha (oily/heavy/cold) should eat astringent or citrus fruits and avoid sweet and sour fruits.


Panchakarma, or purification, consists of five basic cleansing methods, each one for different ailments. Vamana is therapy for (Kapha); therapeutic vomiting clears lung and respiratory congestion; Virachan purges excess Pitta and clears bile; Basti is enema therapy for Vata’s main area, the colon; Nasya clears sinuses, the pathways to the brain and vital for the circulation of Prana (life flow); Rakta Moksha purifies blood.


2 Replies to “Ayurveda * The antique Science for healthy life”

  1. Well researched and accurate. Ayurveda and homeopathy are two widely practiced alternative medicinal approaches in India. They hardly have any side-effects.
    Thank you and Namaste 🙂

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