The inspiration…

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A real big family…

Some of them are with us just “half board”… but most of the lovely animals live inside our house.

Siamo una grande e meravigliosa famiglia! Il contatto con gli animali ha permesso lo sviluppo di una nuova consapevolezza…

12 Replies to “The inspiration…”

  1. Oh Claudine, I just love these pictures of your cats… especially the one of a few siblings in the arms of a loving human. And the one in the baby carriage too. Your inspiration is mine too. Thank you so much for giving me the link.

    1. I belive it’s importanto to share… little things… thoughts… love and feelings… for a peacefull world! It’s always my great pleasure to realize that “out there” still have a lot of humans caring and loving animals!!! Serenity to your heart Shimon

  2. I am so sorry… maybe you have some device which is blocking the pictures show! Unfortunately, I am a disaster with the computer and I don’t know what to suggest you, dear Jolie… but in several posts or pages, you may see some of my beloved cats! Hugs and a great kiss to Chloé 🙂 claudine

  3. Oh my, it came through when you responded. Very nice. I’ve had Siamese as well. Cat’s are so much fun in a different way than dogs.
    I think they are fun and interesting to watch whereas dogs are fun to play with.

    1. Yes, I guess you are right… but each living creature is just something so special… doesn’t matter if small or big, if living in the water, on earth or flying around the sky… Important is to take the time to look at them: respecting them and caring for them. This is my commitment when I write since we all have to feel compassion for each living creature!
      Thank you for taking your time to visit me here, in this virtual space… be blessed, have a serene day :-)c

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