Save Andy the Polar Bear

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I saw a petition about the polar bear Andy wearing a collar which is suffocating him.
Since this isn’t the first time such things are happening, I’m wondering if there is any possibility to avoid sufferance and death of these poor animals.
I sent an e-mail at the University of Alberta to ask them to use their resources to track Andy, remove the collar and get him the medical attention he needs ensuring his well-being. You shall institute an active search as soon as possible since time is running out… only if you act immediately you may save his life!

Ho visto una petizione sull’orso polare Andy che indossa un collare che lo sta soffocando.
Dal momento che questa non è la prima volta che queste cose  accadono, mi chiedo se c’è qualche possibilità di evitare la sofferenza e la morte di questi poveri animali.
Ho inviato un e-mail all’Università di Alberta chiedendo di utilizzare le loro risorse per monitorare e trovare Andy, togliere il collare e fornirgli le cure mediche di cui ha bisogno per garantire la sua guarigione. Si deve istituire una ricerca attiva nel più breve tempo possibile
dal momento che il tempo stringe solo se si agisce subito si può salvare la sua vita!

7 Replies to “Save Andy the Polar Bear”

    1. Dear Dina, thank you for taking action by sending e-mails…
      I hope from the bottom of my heart that will help… somehow… since behind it is the University of Alberta / Canada they cannot loose their “face” and neglect to intervene the quickest possible!
      Have a lovely Sunday, hugs :-)c

    1. I don’t know. I wrote as well to the Canadian Researchers Group and
      but I didn’t get no answer… It is very sad that pretending to “survey and tracedown” the bears for their safety… they end up dying in such an horrible way by the hands of Men.
      And this is happening all over the world with many species of animals, just because Humans are
      unscrupulous and greedy for power.
      Sernity :-)c

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