Why let the hunters kill them? * perché lasciarli ammazzare?


Non più specie “strettamente protetta”, ma solamente “protetta”. Il Consiglio degli Stati ha deciso martedì che sarà più facile abbattere i lupi, declassandone il grado di protezione. Con 29 voti contro 14 è stata respinta una proposta della sinistra di rinviare al Governo la modifica della legge federale sulla caccia. La revisione – di cui ora è in corso l’esame di dettaglio – prevede che la regolazione degli effettivi di alcune specie protette possa essere facilitata, al fine di impedire grossi danni o pericoli per l’uomo.

I Cantoni non saranno quindi più obbligati a provare un danno concreto. Previa consultazione dell’Ufficio federale dell’ambiente (UFAM), potranno effettuare “interventi regolatori negli effettivi” non soltanto per i lupi, ma anche per talune altre specie protette che sono fonte di controversie. Tra queste figurano lo stambecco e il cigno reale.

“Si direbbe quasi che la Svizzera abbia un solo problema: il lupo”, ha dichiarato la ministra dell’ambiente Doris Leuthard.

Si attende ora il lancio del referendum da parte delle associazioni animaliste.






No longer “strictly protected”, but only “protected” species. The Council of States has decided on Tuesday that it will be easier to break down the wolves, downgrading their degree of protection. With 29 votes against 14 a proposal by the left to postpone to the Government the amendment of the federal hunting law was rejected. The review – which is now undergoing a detailed examination – provides that the regulation of the members of certain protected species can be facilitated, in order to prevent major damage or danger to humans.

The cantons will therefore no longer be obliged to prove concrete damage. After consulting the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), they will be able to carry out “regulatory interventions in the field” not only for wolves, but also for certain other protected species that are a source of controversy. These include the ibex and the mute swan.

“It would almost seem that Switzerland has only one problem: the wolf,” said environment minister Doris Leuthard.

The launch of the referendum by animal welfare associations is now awaited.


14 Replies to “Why let the hunters kill them? * perché lasciarli ammazzare?”

    1. Sicher! Es wird ein nettes Referendum auf Schweizer Ebene geben und wir hoffen, dass es viele gute Bürger gibt, um diese armen Wölfe, Biber und Luchse zu schützen…
      Danke lieber Ernst, ich wünsche dir ein friedliches Wochenende 🙂 Claudine

    1. Why? Because men are idiots and selfish. We will fight back with petitions and collect signatures for a referendum. Is going to be hard work, and I will have to keep my mouth shut 😉 trying not to hurt the bad tongues…
      I wish you both a lovely weekend, dear Dina :-)claudine

    1. Grazie, caro Gian Paolo per la tua presenza… la sensibilizzazione va fatta ed i miti arcaici vanno smentiti. Ogni creatura senziente ha il diritto di vivere… Sereno fine settimana, abbraccio :-)claudine

  1. How many wolves there are?

    In Finland, wolves intrude in the yard and children are afraid to go to school! Not so good. Could You send Your children / grandchildren to walk or bike to school alone? In countryside, there are long distances for schoolchildren and their school trips pass in the woods!

    Some adults are afraid to take out their trash when they have seen pack of wolves in the yard.

    I am also afraid of wolves and afraid of bears.

    1. Dear Mati, it is scientifically proven by biologists around the world that the wolf does not usually attack humans. There are some exceptions: when there is a pack with wolf cubs and they feel in danger; or when a lone wolf is hungry and feels attached. Usually the wolf is afraid of man (show a sort of respect) and does not attack openly.
      There may be isolated cases, such as an animal with rabies, but these are single episodes. Agressions were later denied, since from thorough examination they discovered that they were very hungry stray dogs.
      In everyday life there are always the exceptions: not because doing snow shoes you can end up under an avalanche, this does not mean that a person no longer has to go up the mountain with snowshoes. I think you understand my comparison.
      My husband is president of WWF Southern Switzerland and has long been involved in issues related to large predators, the specialists hold meetings at the federal level with biologists who study every problem related to fauna and flora in the field.
      I can understand that people feel fear and great respect for the great predators (there is also the bear, the lynx, the wild boar and other ungulates that with their babies can be very protective).
      Nature is always to be treated with respect and reverence.
      Here we do not have many wolves, where I live, maybe someone passes in the woods behind our house, but I never saw one… But there is more to fear: the two-legged animals, when you go around at night you can be assaulted or raubed, but this doesn’t mean that I lock myself up and don’t go out of the house anymore!
      Hugs and have a lovely night :-)c
      Yet it is not the right solution to kill all the wild animals that could hurt man. I am of the opinion that anthropocentrism is not correct, many species, every day, become extinct. Already the behavior of man is ruining the planet … and there is no way back.
      See other National Geographic articles at this link; Thank you for your considerations that I consider correct and do not underestimate as many people are afraid of the wolf!

      1. Hello Claudine.

        Thank You for Your answer.

        I collected some headlines from Internet concerning wolves in Finland and Google I let translate Finnish to English:

        The wolf mauled the puppy of Reks to death in Kuhmo. 08.10.2017.
        Yle: The wolf mauled the dog’s ABC station in Oravais center on April 2,
        Ilkka: Wolf crushed cow in Kauhajoki on February 19th, 2018.
        The wolf killed the dog in Oravais on April 3, 2018.
        The wolf mauled the dog into the spirit of Hossa on October 6, 2011.
        The wolves mauled the boy’s hand in Ähtäri – serious injuries 21.2.2017.
        The wolf mauled and ate the calf in Ähtäri, Vääräkoski on September 23, 2013.
        The wolves killed the hunting dog Nivala on October 22.10.2017,
        The wolves attacked the dog on 28.10.2017.
        The wolves killed two dogs in Lieksa on 18 August 2018.
        This year, the wolves had 32 dogs on December 9, 2016.

        These are facts.

        Have a good day!

      2. Dear Mati, there is Nature and its hard survival. We’re part of it, men have rifle and way to defend themselves, wolfs have their own manner. Both are hard. I can’t judge since I’m human. None are an equal solution, I’m afraid… sufferance is the same for each sentient beings, and animals are as well living creatures. The dog and the wolf are from the same roots.
        But maybe you will like to see with other eyes these short films. Take care and have a good night :-)claudine

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