Compassionate living, for a better future * Vita compassionevole, per un futuro migliore


Sometime being a cheese lover and desiring to become vegan, I got terrible feelings when I put some parmesan cheese over my spaghetti or I serve myself a choice of alp’s cheeses with the polenta… I guess is matter of habit, since many blogs worldwide help us to find out that there is an alternative to diary: for example   Compassionate Cuisine  –  Rawsday   or   Chooseveg  (in english) just to name some of them.  I want to share with you the following article, willing to exchange thoughts towards a better lifestyle full of compassionate feeling toward all living creature on this beautiful Planet. We can make a difference, we can reach higher vibrational levels with the idea of changing all paradigms and bringing finally peace over all continents. We have nothing to loose… we do it for the future generations… we shall start with ourselves, giving the good example!


A volte essendo un’amante del formaggio ma desiderando diventare vegana, ho avuto sensazioni terribili quando ho messo un po’ di parmigiano sopra i miei spaghetti o mi sono servita una scelta di formaggi alpini con la polenta… credo sia questione di abitudine, dal momento che molti blog in tutto il mondo ci aiutano a scoprire che esiste un’alternativa ai prodotti lattiero-caseari: per esempio Greenstyle  –  VeganHome   o   Ricette Vegan  (in lingua italiana) per citarne solo un paio. Voglio condividere con voi questo articolo, per uno scambio di pensieri rivolti ad uno stile di vita migliore pieno di sentimento e di compassione verso tutti gli esseri viventi di questo bellissimo pianeta. Noi siamo in grado di fare la differenza, possiamo raggiungere livelli vibrazionali più alti con l’idea di cambiare i paradigmi e portare finalmente la pace in tutti i continenti. Non abbiamo nulla da perdere lo facciamo per le generazioni future e dovremo cominciare con noi stessi, dando il buon esempio!

(published in Catskill Animal Santuary)

Shin·dig: (definition) a large, lively party, especially one celebrating something.

Next Saturday, October 3rd is our annual Shindig, a festival for vegan living. People come from near and far for this celebration of life and compassion. It’s a laid-back learning opportunity and day of fun in the country. If you subscribe to this blog but don’t know a lot about who we are, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is not only a safe haven for rescued farmed animals, but also a teaching sanctuary where we strive to use all possible avenues to move our mission forward. We work hard to …

share information (on our website, food blog, newsletters, speaking engagements, and books),

create “ah-ha!” moments (these are most profoundly seen at events like Shindig and on our regular weekend tours when people meet the animals and learn about who they are and why they matter), and

connect people to compassion.

Once a year, at Shindig, we get to host a lively, loving celebration and meet up with friends, supporters and curious folks who want to share our enthusiasm for compassion. From popular vegan food and merchandise vendors to way-cool bands, from renowned speakers to tours to meet the animal residents, Shindig is a beloved event for vegans and non-vegans alike.

The leaves are starting to show off their fall colors in the Hudson Valley where we are located, so it’s a perfect time to visit us and see why we do what we do. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a magical place where souls are healed, eyes are opened, and lives are changed. Won’t you join us?



18 Replies to “Compassionate living, for a better future * Vita compassionevole, per un futuro migliore”

    1. Dear Andy, the problem is that many people sees them only as “food”… without thinking about the suffering they have to go through before they end on a plate. To eat flesh is a matter of conscience… :-)c

    1. Stacey, why don’t start something similar just where you live? That could be a great idea… and a great way to get more people involved into this “peaceful war” against the exploitation of living creatures 🙂 I’m sure you could… and HOW well and great you could do it!!! :-)c

    1. Dear Dina… for a cheese lover it is difficult, but looking at these lovely cow-mom with her baby… everything is easier. Even if we only buy bio products, you can’t be 100% sure that there is no harm. But now, let’s spread the word! Have a lovely weekend :-)c

    1. Oh yes, dear Shimon, each single living creature deserve to be respected, no matter what… that’s my strong belief. Does this belief only belong to the people following the buddhist path? I just still wonder…
      There are so many questions I wish to get answers… maybe in my next life 😉
      Have a lovely Sabbath :-)c

  1. Claudine, la tua sensibilità ci lascia sempre senza parole!
    È sempre bello leggerti, percepire il tuo grande cuore e dolcezza che traspare non solo dai tuoi romanzi istruttivi ma anche in questi messaggi di amore che incitano al cambiamento. Grazie cara, un abbraccio da Liliana e famiglia

    1. Grazie Liliana, le tue parole mi rallegrano… i miei sono messaggi semplici ed umili… ma ora tocca a te “seminare” affinché le generazioni future possano cogliere il senso più profondo della nostra presenza su questo pianeta! Sereno fine settimana :-)c

  2. Claudine I love a saying I saw the other day ‘why do we love one and eat the other’…it was about dogs and cows respectively…it’s true isn’t it, why is one more important than the other. thank you again for your post. I am now following you as you raise very important matters and we must be a voice for the fabulous animals of this world.

    1. Thanks Sue… let spread the words around us… without fear, without double thoughts about what people will say about us. The more we are, the most we can help to show that veganism/vegetarianism it the only solution to survive! 🙂 hugs

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