What you wouldn’t want to see * ciò che non vorresti vedere

Estratto dal blog  Serbian Animals Voice  see here for the English text - by Venus "Il noto dolore al petto è tornato, posso solo camminare, loro non possono." (Jo-Anne McArthur, fotografa e investigatrice del benessere degli animali). Gli attivisti che hanno esposto la crudeltà verso gli animali alla più grande fattoria di suini in Francia hanno …

Let’s start reducing the consumption of meat * iniziamo a ridurre il consumo di carne

(c) picture  Bruno Raselli Claudine published article on  Corriere del Ticino 6.9.2019 It is always very tender to see cows with beautiful horns, grazing among our beautiful pine-covered mountains, then further on, you can also see some streaks of snow that have survived the rise in temperature. It is also tender to read that over …

175 Signs-of-Justice from Around the Globe

by Stacey Source Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come Posted by M. (known as) “Butterflies” Katz     See all the pictures at this link-page: Stand united against ALL oppression and injustice. In these brilliant signs from around the world, you’ll see many of the messages state that all oppression and injustice is connected. The signs …

Food ReLOVution

Please, be courageous and share!   *   Per favore, sii coraggioso e condividi! If you choose what you eat with awareness, is a revolutionary act that can change the world. Thank you for taking it into consideration... together we can change the world and this is not a dream! but it takes courage... . …

The environmental impact of food choice * l’impatto ambientale della scelta alimentare

http://www.rsi.ch/rete-uno/programmi/intrattenimento/la-consulenza/Limpatto-ambientale-delle-nostre-scelte-alimentari-8331943.html We discuss it, we struggle and we think about it since several years, on the impacts of food choices all along the chain of production and consumption of food, in relation to health, the environment, the society, and economy. It is, in fact, impossible to separate our lives from that of other animals and …

Compassionate living, for a better future * Vita compassionevole, per un futuro migliore

Sometime being a cheese lover and desiring to become vegan, I got terrible feelings when I put some parmesan cheese over my spaghetti or I serve myself a choice of alp's cheeses with the polenta... I guess is matter of habit, since many blogs worldwide help us to find out that there is an alternative …

Eggs and dairy – telling the truth

Our Compass

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SourceThere’s An Elephant in the Room Blog

I shall start by saying that I’ve been there, I’ve been deceived – I used to follow a vegetarian diet.

I chose my words there with care; vegetarianism is a diet and the significance of this will, I hope, become clear as you read on. Until I found out about veganism, I had a nagging but unexamined notion that my consumption of eggs and dairy had to be done in an ethical manner, so I always chose ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’.  Looking back, it will always mystify me why I was able to recognise the moral significance of my victims to the extent that I realised the need to try to reduce their suffering, but I was somehow incapable of doing the tiny amount of research that it eventually took in this age of Google to realise that:

  • contrary to what many believe, all

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