“Vegan 2017” the movie


It’s not a transitory fashion… it’s the only solution for your health, for the health of Planet Earth. TO SAVE OUR PLANET EARTH.
There are no excuses. You can easily change from an omnivore diet to a vegetarian or vegan diet. You shall try, to believe how simple it is!
Now people talk about it more and more, people open their eyes and do not let themselves be cheated.
The choice to abandon the consumption of meat, fish and animal products can be dictated by ethical but also ecological reasons.
I have already published several posts and films that show you these issues… sometimes they are brutal films that few can look to the end, others are photos and testimonies.
In essence, for me, ethics and morality have been the push. Animals are sentient creatures, they feel pain and joy… they have the same rights of respect, love and protection.


Non è una moda transitoria… è l’unica soluzione per la vostra salute, per la salute del Pianeta Terra. PER SALVARE IL NOSTRO PIANETA TERRA.
Non ci sono scuse. Si può facilmente cambiare da una dieta onivora ad una dieta vegetariana o vegana. Dovresti provare, per credere quanto è semplice!
Ormai se ne parla sempre di più, la gente apre gli occhi e non si lascia più imbrogliare.
La scelta di abbandonare il consumo di carne, pesce e prodotti animali può essere dettata da ragioni etiche ma anche ecologiche.
Ho pubblicato già diversi post e filmati che vi mostrano queste tematiche… a volte sono filmati brutali che pochi riescono a guardare fino alla fine, altre sono foto e testimonianze.
In sostanza, per me, l’etica e la morale sono state la spinta. Gli animali sono creature senzienti, provano dolore e gioia, hanno gli stessi nostri diritti di rispetto, amore e protezione.


6 Replies to ““Vegan 2017” the movie”

  1. Being vegan is the only way to go, I am totally vegan now, it’s so easy as there are so many new products coming out daily. Some of the vegan products are by far superior to the veggie ones. Veganism is really taking off this year, it’s good to see supermarkets responding by producing new vegan foods. Yay!xxx

    1. I’m so proud of you! I still have the “cheese trouble”
      Little by little, I try to make myself like vegan, but is not so easy 😦
      Fortunately, here as well in the supermarkets, you find a lot of fantastic vegan products… you only need to exercise and use your fantasy!
      Hugs and kisses :-)c

  2. Ahhh…yes vegan cheese is dreadful, but cruelty free. I too love the stuff but just can’t do it any more….. one day there will be a good vegan cheese! I became vegan in stages….first the milk, then the eggs, then finally the cheese…I shall adopt lots of hens from the rescue one day, then I shall eat cruelty free eggs.xxx

    1. About the eggs, I used to eat those from a local farm where the hens live free between trees and grass… my choice to avoid them is purely ethical. The other compromises I do are about my closet: I have many old clothing which are made of woll and the shoes of leather. I keep using them since I hate to throw away and disperse… but I don’t buy new one.
      Have a lovely week end (I guess Tomorrow I will start some “light” gardening) 🙂 hugs & kisses 🙂 c

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