Meditation: take a break and find peace inside you

Meditation is an age-old practice for achieving relaxation through mindfulness and concentration exercises.
Meditation is a path to deep relaxation of the whole body. This practice is a kind of mental training that reduces stress and anxiety and dissolves negative thoughts.
Meditation and mindfulness exercises produce positive effects on our whole body. We can manage stress better, experience inner peace and balance. These psychic factors in turn affect important physiological functions, such as blood pressure, the immune system and cholesterol levels.
Various neuroscientific studies show how meditation exercises and mindfulness training alter brain activity and structure: they make us more resilient to stress, improve cognitive performance, help against depression and anxiety, sleep disturbances and pain, strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems, and, more generally, increase feelings of well-being.

La meditazione è una pratica millenaria per raggiungere il rilassamento con esercizi di consapevolezza e concentrazione.
La meditazione è un cammino verso il rilassamento profondo di tutto il corpo. Questa pratica è una sorta di allenamento mentale che riduce lo stress e l’ansia e dissolve i pensieri negativi.
La meditazione e gli esercizi di consapevolezza producono effetti positivi su tutto il nostro corpo. Possiamo gestire meglio lo stress, vivere la pace interiore e l’equilibrio. Questi fattori psichici incidono a loro volta su funzioni fisiologiche importanti, come la pressione sanguigna, il sistema immunitario e i livelli di colesterolo.
Vari studi neuroscientifici dimostrano come gli esercizi di meditazione e l’allenamento della consapevolezza modifichino l’attività e la struttura del cervello: ci rendono più resistenti allo stress, migliorano le prestazioni cognitive, aiutano contro la depressione e l’ansia, i disturbi del sonno e il dolore, rafforzano il sistema immunitario e il sistema cardiovascolare e, più in generale, aumentano la sensazione di benessere.

7 Replies to “Meditation: take a break and find peace inside you”

    1. 🙂 purtroppo Kenneth dà meditazioni solo in inglese… ma sono davvero geniali. A volte, quando mi incavolo in ufficio o noto che la pressione sale, ascoltarlo per una mezz’ora seguendo una meditazione guidata, mi ristora la mente ed a livello fisico riesco a riportare le pulsazioni e respiro alla normalità. Posso solo consigliare vivamente… Sereno fine settimana anche a te! :-)c

    1. How are you Dina? Everythig OK over there? Long time didn’t have the chance to comunicate…
      Emanuele is enroled for the MAS in humane medicine at the USI in Lugano. Hard study, but going quite well. As for me, still have around 10 months to work before retiring… and will come to visit you for sure, if health is permitting…
      Love and hugs, always wishing to know you personally.

      1. All well here, Hallie will be four in February! How time flies. It will be good to meet you, here’s to that happening. I’ve had to change my blog to a new template as people haven’t been receiving notifications. Sadly, Curly cat passed away and Sam has cancer but he has lasted a year and a month after being only given four to eight weeks to live. Love and hugs to you all.xxxx

      2. The impermanence of living creatures… oh, dear Dina, how much suffering it brings us especially when we consider our four-legged companions as family members. We have a cat with diabetes and another with a hyperthyroid… that’s why my husband and I both prefer not to be away from home. It means giving up joint holidays, to be close to our cats. A big hug (as you can see, I also changed the template, let’s say, in all honesty, Emanuele took care of it) big kisses :-)c

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