First sketches – the main character takes shape


A long story to tell… read here   ***   leggi qui l’introduzione al progetto grafico

Il blog del nuovo romanzo in lavorazione

18 Replies to “First sketches – the main character takes shape”

      1. Great… Here around it’s a little messy, but still funny at time! I’m not so well organised as you’re… maybe you’ll get some inspiration (for your beautiful little girl)! :-)c

  1. Che bella notizia! Dopo il successo con la protagonista Chrisa, non dubitavo che lei aveva altre sorprese per noi. Non vedo l’ora di leggere anche questa nuova avventura. Quando sarà sul mercato? Saluti Manda

    1. Absolutely true Frank! Even the Life-road is endless… life after life… lesson after lesson. I keep up writing because it makes me feel alive, in every sense. I would also be able to make a contribution to the Earth, our beautiful Home… ’cause of this in my stories and novels there is a strong presence of ecological / environmental topics… I wish you a happy weekend 🙂 c

      1. I always make people smile… even with my choice of being a vegetarian trying to become a vegan… for the love of animals and the planet!
        I’m glad to know that people smile over my words… it’s better than get them feel sad and cry. Don’t you believe so? :-)c

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