We want to prevent the killing of wolves in Switzerland

We are a heterogeneous group of people who think that in Switzerland and in Ticino there is also a place for the wolf.
Between us, there are experts but also simple enthusiasts of nature and fans of this beautiful animal.

In the face of prejudices, alarms and inaccurate news, when not deliberately false, with this page we try to bring the Voice of good sense, based on scientific data. Right now, in Switzerland, the wolf risks losing its status as “absolutely protected animal”. For Switzerland to shoot the wolf would be a moral defeat, a demonstration of closure and inability to adapt, of international proportions.

We will make our commitment for this to happen!


Siamo un gruppo eterogeneo di persone che pensano che in Svizzera ed in Ticino ci sia posto anche per il lupo.
Tra di noi ci sono esperti ma anche semplici appassionati della natura e fan di questo bellissimo animale.

Di fronte a pregiudizi, allarmismi e notizie inesatte, quando non addirittura volutamente false, con questa pagina cerchiamo di portare la Voce del Buonsenso, basandoci su dati scientifici. In questo momento, in Svizzera, il lupo rischia di perdere il suo status di “animale assolutamente protetto”. Per la Svizzera prendere a fucilate il lupo sarebbe una sconfitta morale, una dimostrazione di chiusura e incapacità di adattamento, di proporzioni internazionali.

Metteremo il nostro impegno affinché questo non accada!


This is the new blog… please give your support and love to the wolves!  Thank you   :-)claudine





11 Replies to “We want to prevent the killing of wolves in Switzerland”

    1. Ich weiss dass Du tues es, lieber Ernst! Wölfe sind sehr wichtig für den ganzen Öko-System, es is seit Jahren mit besonderen Wissenschftlichen Studien geprüft. Aber, trotz dem, gibt es immer noch Leute die nicht wissen (wollen)… deswegen ist es eine wichtige Aufgabe Informationen zu teilen.

    1. Anche a te… purtroppo ho sentito che in Italia prendono i lupi, li ammazzano e poi (non contenti di quest’atto atroce), li appendono per le zampe alle stazioni dei bus…
      Hanno toccato il fondo! Non solo dell’ignoranza… 😦 c

    1. Me neither, dear Dina. Humans are such selfish beings… and the story of the sheep’s flock being attached is only a pretext.
      Everyone knows (if enough intelligent) that Fauna act following instinct… As proprietary of a sheep’s flock, when you say “you do care about your beloved animals”, you can’t just leave them all alone at the mercy of the weather, on top of a mountain, valley pasture… this is a great bullshit.
      Too easy to blame it on a poor alone wolf, which is attaching a flock at the mercy of elements…
      First of all, the farmers (so-called) need to be informed, they have to do EVERYTHING which is possible to protect the sheep’s flock: means, really, DO EVERYTHING.
      But it’s easy to blame it on the wolf and kill him!
      Love and hugs (will keep you informed of the wolf’s matter… you can follow this WordPress blog… and if you like to do something good, share it) https://amicidelluposvizzeraitaliana.wordpress.com)

  1. I am joining your cause, wolves need all protection they can get! Such a great animal, with such an important role in ecosystem, has to live side by side with humans, this planet is not for humans only! Following your blog, to keep in touch on the topic!

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