The Annwyn’s Secret at Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore

Swiss author Claudine Giovannoni has several books published in Italian and has received some excellent critical reviews for them. Unfortunately, none as yet have been translated into English and Google translate, whilst great at giving your basics is not the best tool to use for capturing the more literary specific words and nuances. However, Claudine […]

via Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – The Annwyn’s Secret by Claudine Giovannoni — Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

7 Replies to “The Annwyn’s Secret at Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore”

    1. 🙂 I’m waiting your review, dear “Jolie” :-)c

      (Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear on both amazon pages… but maybe you write it on another one. IF you send me the text, I will insert it in the blog with the others. Thank you anyhow for the review…)

    1. Why don’t you open one? You need a room big enough to accommodate few tables, some sofas, a bookshelf… and then you have to organize some literary events and invite friends which will bring along other friends 🙂
      This is one of my little dream and when I’m retired, I will open a literary tea-room in my town (here is none yet). :-)claudine

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