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Swiss author Claudine Giovannoni has several books published in Italian and has received some excellent critical reviews for them. Unfortunately, none as yet have been translated into English and Google translate, whilst great at giving your basics is not the best tool to use for capturing the more literary specific words and nuances. However, Claudine […] …

“The Annwyn’s Secret” by Claudine Giovannoni

Una bella recensione del romanzo Il Segreto degli Annwyn, ora disponibile in lingua inglese.


I was pleased to read on the author’s blog that one of her recent books, Il Segreto degli Annwyn, has been translated from Italian into English.
The Annwyn’s Secret is a novel set in the XXIII century and the future scenario it presents is not as positive as one could possibly hope for. In fairness, some may find it not so surprising, considering the numerous red flags on matters of environment and pollution. Providing a bit of background on the events, the first pages of the book reveal that in 2022 a fatal cataclysm raged out across the planet, causing immeasurable damage and the death of millions of people. Thus, the surviving world population was forced to move to those few remaining habitable areas. However, they had to adapt severe security measures and get used to live under the constant threat of emergency occurrences.

Remarkably, Claudine’s book is not about the end of…

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The Annwyn's Secret * Il Segreto degli Annwyn

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