I support the campaign AGAINST vivisection and animal testing!


Please, let share this short movie and start thinking about changing your life style by making sure, when you buy goods, that they are “cruelty free”. On internet you may find quite a lot of informations about “cruelty-free” brands and products (see here)! And once more… it is also time to think about the future of our children, ecologically speaking: go vegetarian or vegan… for several good reasons!

4 Replies to “I support the campaign AGAINST vivisection and animal testing!”

  1. I’m SO pleased that you’ve written this post Claudine, a subject I’m passionate about, that does need highlighting.

    I won’t watch the video as I know about the cruelty these animals suffer. I always check that any make-up or products are cruelty free before I buy them but there are so many products out there that have caused so many animals untold pain.

    Delighted that you are spreading the word, thank you SO much for doing so.xxxxx

    1. The video doesn’t contains too “strong” images … then you can watch it without fear. There are other horrendous movies that makes your guts overturn and makes you feel helpless… The atrocities that happen are too many, we talk about the wars that kill innocent men… these animals are innocent too, but unfortunately they doesn’t make big “titles” on the heads of the mundane daily newspapers. Thanks for sharing… a hug in serenity :-)c

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