Frindship and love will save the World…

Tricia & ShawnWhen you meet someone special you realize that the world may hold for you wonderful surprises! Then you feel better knowing that you are not alone facing a major battle to change the paradigms of a corrupt society

 Thank you dearest Tricia and Shawn  🙂

With pleasure I share with you this new adventure of Tricia and Shawn!



Quando si incontra qualcuno di speciale… ci si accorge che il mondo può riservarci delle magnifiche sorprese! Poi ti senti meglio, sapendo che non sei solo ad affrontare una grande battaglia: quella di cambiare i paradigmi di una società corrotta…

Con piacere condivido con voi questa nuova avventura di Tricia and Shawn




11 Replies to “Frindship and love will save the World…”

  1. Cocoa is very beautiful and sweet. And I just loved the video description of the area where you are living: a little paradise! I also admire your engagement for justice and for a better world!

    1. Thank you Michelle… I feel like being privileged having love and music and my beloved cats around me and my family! I wish to share that with other special people, alike Tricia and Shawn… since I know it is possible to change the world. This is a very sad moment since all around us are happening terrible things, people attacking each other in the name of some God. But we have to keep standing and not bent down with fear in front of this instigation. We have to meditate and send the virtues we collect to the people in need of strength and hope. The buddhist path is our freedom… Thank you for spreading good vibes: that is really important!
      Have a lovely week hugs :-)c

  2. All of my cats are treated like royalty! 🙂 I will never understand how people can do such heinous things to animals!! I’m so relieved this baby was found in time and is now safe, loved & appreciated!!

    1. They always deserve your full attention… I mean, all of them, the animals! Actually cats are the best companions since they don’t need that much attention (they come to you when they feel) otherwise they stay sleeping over the bed…
      Animals are living creature, just as we are! I could swear they are even better than humans… for many many reasons… Hugs Stacey Ann :-)c

  3. I love this story…you are clearly a very lovely person and Cocoa is a very lucky little cat. One of my dogs is a rescue dog and she now has a wonderful life…just found your blog and it’s really lovely – is this your daughter – she is ‘very’ pretty. Why do we have to be cruel to animals..I cannot stand it..

    1. Thank you Sue T. yes that girl is Sara Luna, now she is 13 yrs. old, she is my princess… It is wonderful that around the world there are people respecting and protecting animals! We are not many, but we can be powerful… few drops into the ocean Thank you for stopping by, I wish you serenity :-)c

  4. This what an absolute joy to watch, how lovely that you all all together, it must be meant to be! If only all animals could find such loving hmes! Bless you

    1. Ahhh Dina, I was sure you would like Cocoa’s story… so similar to the many you could tell about all the little creatures you saved, with such great love and caring tenderness… You shall be blessed as well! Hugs :-)c

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