Men, women and children fleeing the war


I feel such deep sadness in watching these scenes! Fleeing the civil war in Syria, the war began in 2011 following the Arab Spring”.
These people have lost everything they owned… and they just want to stay alive!
Although half the globe is involved in the negotiations, this time why no one intervenes to put an end to this war? And one wonders if the UN is only watching!
Although many states support militarily and economically the rebel forces, is not the war the solution to end this humanitarian disaster.
Millions of people are desperately trying to find refuge elsewhere, but in Europe no one wants them. They are refugees, victims of an unwanted war
What you see is only what happens at the border with Macedonia
We should also not forget that every war inflicts deep wounds to our Planet, to cultural heritage and to all those animals that can not even run away!
Quanta tristezza nel guardare queste scene! Scappano dalla guerra civile in Siria, guerra iniziata nel 2011 a seguito della “primavera araba”.
Queste persone hanno perduto tutto ciò che possedevano… vogliono solo restare vivi!
Sebbene mezzo globo sia coinvolto nelle trattative, questa volta perché nessuno interviene per mettere fine a questa guerra? E ci si chiede se l’ONU resta a guardare!
Anche se molti stati sostengono militarmente ed economicamente le forze ribelli, NON è la guerra che porrà fine a questo disastro umanitario.
Milioni di persone cercano disperatamente rifugio altrove,  ma in Europa nessuno  li vuole. Sono profughi, vittime di una guerra non voluta…
Questo che vedete è solo ciò che accade ai confini con la Macedonia…
Dovremmo inoltre non dimenticare che ogni guerra infligge profonde ferite alla Madre Terra, ai patrimoni culturali e a tutti quegli animali che non possono neppure fuggire!
Un link per dare il proprio contributo, in qualsiasi forma si voglia! Ma sicuramente vi sono altre associazioni umanitarie che si stanno adoperando per contribuire ad aiutare chi è dovuto fuggire dalla guerra siriana.

Un Ponte per… l’emergenza Siriana

Siria Catena della solidarietà



18 Replies to “Men, women and children fleeing the war”

  1. Evidentemente c’é qualcuno che vuole queste guerre e che le ritiene “utili in qualche modo”. Altrimenti perché si ripetono costantemente? Maledetta guerra, distruttiva in ogni senso!

    1. Dear Frank, yes… quite sad indeed! Hungary has also announced that it would block the entrances of immigrants raising a wall of four meters on the border with Serbia! They make a big voice but are entered the EU only in 2004… here in Switzerland, in the context of humanitarian aid, the government in June decided to grant to a first group of 3,000 Syrians status of “refugee”…
      But this will not solve the problem! Over there there are millions to fear for their lives…

      1. Unfortunately… but neither you or me will be able to change it, for the sake of the future generations. And the USA are going through the next elections… Grieving already the results, too many puppets, but the puppeteers’ families still the same since hundred of years!

  2. It is truly terrible to watch the suffering of these people, and as you say, the damage to the planet and yet more suffering of the animals….and there seems to be little we can do about other than sign petitions and give what aid we can….there is far too much suffering in this world!xxx

  3. Such an incredible and sad world created by war and violence around the globe…and how the world needs to open up and take care of those in need. Sad but very worthy post ~

  4. È terribile e tristissimo.Noi esseri umani avremmo dovuto essere i custodi di questo meraviglioso giardino che è la Madre Terra…e invece stiamo tagliando il ramo su cui siamo seduti.Homo uomini lupus ma i lupi tra di loro si comportano meglio.Ma io non voglio perdere la speranza.Un abbraccio,cara Claudine, e un bacio ai tuoi dolcissimi figli.

  5. Many Europeans have not even been consulted eh? – We here stories from the migrants, but few if any from the peoples of Europe, other than their govns. officials. People aside, and to be honest, there is an agenda to this. I would say this plays into the hands of the war -mongers and those who hold power and sway over our world. thanks Eve

  6. While in Istanbul last week, I was approached a number of times while sitting at my hotel’s outdoor cafe by children begging for money. I gave a piece of pizza to one of them and money to anther. I’m assuming they were from Syria. One of them had a sign saying as much. So sad!

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