Jordan * Giordania


The desire to escape, even if the years pass by quickly, is always extremely alive!
Fortunately, I have a very understanding husband (he knew my problem with the adventure even before I got married), so it gives me great pleasure to have him by my side even though sometimes the goals are particular.
Petra and her wonders had been on the waiting list for a long time. The political situation has always made me desist, even thinking about our children. Now that they are big and perfectly able to cope with life, with my husband I can “dare” a bit of pure adventure. I leave you with the images, then for a detailed story I send you to this page.


Il desiderio di evadere, seppure gli anni scorrono via velocemente, è sempre estremamente vivo!
Per fortuna ho un marito molto comprensivo (conosceva il mio problema legato all’avventura ancora prima di sposarmi), così mi fa estremo piacere poterlo avere al mio fianco anche se a volte le mete sono particolari.
Petra e le sue meraviglie erano sulla lista d’attesa da molto tempo. La situazione politica mi ha sempre fatto desistere, anche pensando ai figli. Ora che loro sono grandi e perfettamente in grado di destreggiarsi nella vita, con mio marito posso “osare” un po’ d’avventura allo stato puro.

Vi lascio con le immagini, poi per un racconto dettagliato vi mando a questa pagina.


10 Replies to “Jordan * Giordania”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! What an amazing adventure. I loved reading all about your trip and really enjoyed all these fantastic photo’s. This is a place on my bucket list too, I really will have to find another dog sitter I can totally trust. What a wonderful time you must have both

    1. It really was something special, believe me!
      And I wish to be able to go back there with Emanuele Giosuè and Sara Luna… before some stupid war spread across the whole Holly Land. Unfortunately you never know what may happen down there, with the USA putting the nose where they shouldn’t. Hugs!

    1. I visited a couple of times (for work with Swissair during the two-night lay-overs in Tel Aviv), Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, HaArava and a place on the Dead Sea that I can’t remember the name of it…
      Even “the other side” of the Holy Land is beautiful… if there were not these interminable wars and reprisals that do nothing but spread a pitiable veil on the Jewish race.
      And those who suffer, because of politicians, are ordinary people who have no fault but to be born in a place where instead of love, the dissolute chaos reigns. Hugs to you too, dear Ernst!

      1. Ja, es ist bitter und unbegreiflich, dass beide Seiten nicht in Frieden leben können. Dieser ‘Krieg’ ist ein Schandfleck für die Zivilisation. Ich habe total 4 Monate in 2 Kibbuz gearbeitet und war insgesamt 9 Monate im Land unterwegs. Alles Liebe Claudine, Hugs. Ernst

  2. I love your pictures, so I have a favor to ask: Would you allow me to link to your blog and include one of the pictures beside the link? I’m putting together a post on taking a Virtual Vacation in Jordan since my own trip to build a Habitat for Humanity house in Amman has been cancelled. My blog is Oh, the Places We See: I look forward to your permission.

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