Tito Bassi: presente coi suoi libri alla Fiera Letteraria di Roma

La Fiera nazionale dedicata alla piccola e media editoria, promossa e organizzata dall’Associazione Italiana Editori, dà appuntamento al suo pubblico alla Nuvola a Roma dal 7 all’11 dicembre 2022 per un'edizione speciale. La Vertigo Edizioni s.r.l. di Roma, ha curato la traduzione dallo spagnolo di questo stupendo romanzo Il Blus del falco e prossimamente sarà …

Los devoradores de Mazapán * Mario Chavarría Gonzáles

Los devoradores de mazapán  *  Mario Chavarría Gonzáles (con le illustrazioni di Ruth Angulo) Carvajal Educación S.A.                              Literatura infanttil - Novela Guatemalteca Editorial Norma – Ciudad de Guatemala , agosto 2013 ISBN 978-9929-42-031-1     I was myself immersed together with Ximena in the bowels and labyrinths of the old Capital of Guatemala: La Antigua, …

La libélula mecánica y el averiguador * Arturo Monterroso

ISBN 978-9929-42-210-0 Ten years have passed and Isabel and Inés have grown up: do you remember the young protagonists of the novel La Mosca Dragon? Arturo Monterroso brings us back to Guatemala, still full of political strokes, bloody attacks where drug traffickers, soldiers and those who make little money, say how to run terror. This …

20 Questions with Claudine Giovannoni

Claudine, interviewed by Don Massenzio

Author Don Massenzio

Today we sit down with author Claudine Giovannoni.  She is going to tell us about her inspiration and work.

Please enjoy this edition of 20 Questions:

claudine-giovannoniQ1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I loved to intrigue people with my stories since I was able to speak… I always kept a diary and when I started flying around for work, I used to write down many things from my feeling, the countries I visited, the people I met, about their habits… albeit some funny and some sad stories.

Q2) How long does it typically take you to write a book?

A couple of years. I am never in a hurry, and the ideas have to first ripen… priorities are my kids and family, my cats… I am morally involved protecting fauna and flora (my husband is the World Wildlife Foundation – WWF president in southern…

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“The Annwyn’s Secret” by Claudine Giovannoni

Una bella recensione del romanzo Il Segreto degli Annwyn, ora disponibile in lingua inglese.


I was pleased to read on the author’s blog that one of her recent books, Il Segreto degli Annwyn, has been translated from Italian into English.
The Annwyn’s Secret is a novel set in the XXIII century and the future scenario it presents is not as positive as one could possibly hope for. In fairness, some may find it not so surprising, considering the numerous red flags on matters of environment and pollution. Providing a bit of background on the events, the first pages of the book reveal that in 2022 a fatal cataclysm raged out across the planet, causing immeasurable damage and the death of millions of people. Thus, the surviving world population was forced to move to those few remaining habitable areas. However, they had to adapt severe security measures and get used to live under the constant threat of emergency occurrences.

Remarkably, Claudine’s book is not about the end of…

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Tito Bassi: a writer of visceral emotions * scrittore d’emozioni viscerali

. . El jueves 24 de septiembre de 2015, a las 20:00 tendrá lugar en Sevilla en el pabellón de Guatemala de la Exposición Universal de 1929, la presentación del libro El Molino del Oso de Tito Bassi, a cargo de Manuel Merinero Villagrasa y Jaime Galbarro García. El escritor Tito Bassi, oriundo de la …

Tito Bassi: a writer of visceral emotions * scrittore d’emozioni viscerali

I was not even twenty when I first met Tito: he was a fascinating person, singular and unreachable. Or at least if I considered all the stories and rumors going around about him! He was emanating a strange aura, his smile was captivating, and his strange accent made me smile. I saw him again on an …

About Joshua Bartók

The description of a character is a job in itself … here’s a little taste!
La descrizione di un personaggio è un lavoro a sé… eccovi un piccolo assaggio!

The Annwyn's Secret * Il Segreto degli Annwyn

Greg_Vaughan1image from theweb

Joshuais Chrysalis’ older brother, a sporty and wittytypethatmakes the head spin of alot of girls
Butin his mindthere is only roomforthe
eastern and western winds: inthe challengeswithMariustheold sea wolf… he doesn’t care about thegirls, aflirtoccasionally, someadventure, butnothing seriousorchallenging.
The sailboatis his truepassionand the croissantsfilled withchocolate that the bakerFabriziokeeps for him every morning.
He lives with his sisteron theAvalon‘s Mist, aSphynx sailing boatof theshipyardBénéteau.
Joshuaworshipsher sisterbutat the same time he fears her becausesheisanAnnwyn!


Joshua è il fratello maggiore di Chrysalis, il tipo sportivo e spiritoso che fa girare la testa a tante ragazze…

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Nunzia Scarponi: her new novel

* Un nuovo avvincente romanzo dell'autrice di successo Nunzia Scarponi (altre sue opere: Un anno una Vita - Maremmi Editori 2006; Il girasole nero - Il Filo 2006; Per non morire - Il Filo 2008; Cuori di vetro - Edizioni Croce 2009; L'amore quello vero - Centro Studi Tindari Patti 2010) *

Ricordate Michela Salotti, la creatrice di Om e Shanti nel libricino per bambini “I 4 Elementi” ?

Il Cammino della Luce     è il suo nuovo romanzo...  vi lascio il video promozionale!  Buon ascolto... * Con Michela avevamo, anni or sono, iniziato una collaborazione che, sfortunatamente, non ha potuto essere continuata come auspicato.  Il nostro lavoro congiunto   I Quattro Elementi   era stato un successo... entrambe siamo dell'avviso che bisogna istruire i propri …