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    Ho viaggiato lungo rotte conosciute ed altre ignote, per lavoro ma anche per curiosità o solo per il desiderio di scoprire nuovi luoghi!
    L'esperienza a contatto con altri popoli, religioni e culture, mi ha insegnato a venerare Madre Natura ed ogni forma di vita che ci conduce a valutare precetti inconfutabili, ma che purtroppo troppi ignorano nel più assoluto egoismo.
    Vi apro le porte del mio mondo virtuale... seguitemi lungo l'itinerante scorrer d'acqua lasciando traccia di vissuto.

  • What to say about Claudine? She is passionate about living a present, balanced and authentic life, with a healthy dose of humor! She loves to travel the world, explore new places, people and food, but equally loves to retreat into silent solitude. She is a writer who follows a hidden path, into an unfamiliar world. If you just surrender and go with her on her eerie journey, you will find that you have surrendered to enchantment, as if in a voluptuous and fantastic dream. She makes you believe everything she sees in her fantasy and dreams. But as well you take a journey to the frozen mountain peaks of the north of Europe, to the crowded sweating streets of Mexico or Africa. Her characters are wonderfully real and wholly believable perfectly situated in her richly textured prose. She’s a lovely person and she writes with exquisite powers of description! She’s simply great! R. McKelley


    Chi è Claudine? Lei è appassionata nel vivere al presente una vita equilibrata e autentica, con una sana dose di humour! Ama viaggiare per il mondo, esplorare nuovi luoghi, persone e cibo, ma ugualmente ama ritirarsi in solitudine, nel silenzio. E' una scrittrice che segue un sentiero nascosto, verso un mondo sconosciuto. Se solo vi arrendete e andate con lei in questa spettacolare avventura, realizzerete che vi siete confidati all’incantevole, come in un sogno fantastico ed avvolgente. Vi farà credere ad ogni cosa che lei vede nei suoi stessi sogni e fantasie. Ma inizierete anche un viaggio verso le cime ghiacciate del nord Europa, verso le strade affollate del Messico o Africa. I protagonisti sono magnificamente reali e totalmente credibili stupendamente inseriti nella ricca trama di prosa. E’ una “grande” persona e scrive con uno squisito potere descrittivo. E’ semplicemente magnifica.

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From “Animals Australia”…

See here on VIMEO the 1 min. movie


I share this plea, with love and hope.
The hope I always bring alive, doing what I do for the sake of the sentient beings we just call “animals”.
I wish you all the best for the upcoming New Year, with better solutions against all type of abuse on each single sentient beings.            

Claudine Giovannoni


The global live export industry spans nearly every continent, sends animals into war zones and abandons them to some of the worst slaughterhouses on earth.

There are few laws that restrict these operators. We know how ruthless they are when it comes to profiting from animal abuse, and how dangerous it can be to stand in the way of their ‘business models’. But we will continue to stop at nothing to defend the victims of this trade.

Over the 15 years I have been investigating the live export trade and documenting the suffering it causes, one thing has remained a constant.
Regardless of the country they are from, all animals will cower from those who harm them, cry out in pain when it’s inflicted upon them, and tremble before the blade about to brutally end their lives.

My silent vow has always been that I would ensure their suffering was not in vain; that all they endured would become the catalyst for change.

Lyn White AM
Investigations Director of Animals Australia


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  1. Claudine, ich wünsche dir von Herzen frohe Weihnachten. Ich hoffe mit dir, dass Regierungen aller Länder mehr gegen den illegalen und grausamen Tierhandel in der Welt unternehmen. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt – in diesem Sinne. Herzlich Grüsse Ernst

  2. It is simply beyond heartbreaking, something has to change, and soon.xxx

    • Dear Dina, it’s clear that something is changing right now… Many posts speak about that, people share knowledge, discussions are going on on a scientific level, speciesism is now looked with a critical eye. But the problem is another: the vibratory level of humans. Not each one is at the same (I don’t know how to put it without creating anger), you can’t expect that some very bad and disgraceful human may change just because he see a movie disclaming the reality of the suffering of the sentients beings we call “animals”. I wish I could talk about it with a Buddhist monk, even if I already know what he would give for an answer. But tell me, how can I be compassionate towards murderers (no matter the kind of sentient beings they kill: humans = animals).
      Sorry but right now, I’m less “enlighted” by karma, and cause&effects law.
      Hugs and kisses, see you very soon! :-)c
      Merry Xmas

  3. That just makes me utterly and completely sad and angry. Anyone who can do that to another innocent being deserves an unending amount of pain and suffering. How someone can do that leaves me completely without words. Even the thought of harming another innocent being in such a manner makes me incredibly angry and endlessly sad. And I know this regards the export “business”, but this hell happens everywhere; as I always say, animal cruelty knows no borders or boundaries – it’s everywhere, in all animal “industries”. And what is even more twisted is that the people who want and try to stop this unending, unnecessary, and unprovoked hell inflicted on these innocent creatures are the ones who are considered the criminals and lawbreakers and terrorists, while the monsters who force others to endure such pain, sickness, and fear, are subsidized and welcomed. The real victims are the animals, who are commodified, abused, enslaved, tortured, and murdered.

    Thank you for bringing light to this barbaric industry and for being on the side of the angels, my beautiful friend. ❤

  4. Yes, dear Stacey, you are unfortunately absolutely right. In this manipulated world, nobody cares about nothing else than making money, reaching power and possessions. The nations’s leaders are menacing each other, like in a stupid children game: playing with menaces and trying to show how they are powerful and “too big to fail”… But we are going to fail, all of us, since we are about to destroy our planet Earth! Not only the useless agression to animals, to children, to the poors, to the intochables, the perversion toward the beauty of the forestes and seas… specism is reigning! Man think to be God and he determinate how to preceed with uselesses chase to power and overruling each ethicalbehaviour.
    We have all the signs to see, scientifics studies done with care and trustable, but this isn’t enough: it has to happen first another athomic world war, before the leders of top of these “too big to fail countries” realizes.
    I curious to see if during these lovely periode of the year, when people are only very busy thinking about buying goods and making gifts (the force of the habit, with the excuse of Jesus’ birth, which is a lie) will have some spare time to write or even only discuss about the horrible things happening on the planet.
    Nature is crying loud, in despair. Are we opening up our soul to hear and discuss about it?
    Oh yes, long story indeed. Try to be happy, we are not few of us, fully aware and into business 🙂 to change things… for the future generations.
    Love and hugs to you too :-)c

  5. newwhitebear

     /  December 20, 2018

    Un sincero augurio per festività serene.
    Gian Paolo

  6. Sad. Sad. Sad Claudine. My heart breaks.

    • Dear Sue, we all should raise awareness to our friends, family, coworkers… with words or acts to bring them to change their habits. It’s possible. I did it, since I used to eat, even if really little, meat and fish more or less fifteen years ago. It’s a matter of realizing that you can achieve a radical change in your own life, by trying. Love and all the best for the New Year :-)c

      • Same to you Claudine. I became vegan eight months ago. I feel better having changed my way of eating if nothing just for the animals.

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