Clean Up Day…but it shoudn’t be necessary!


To gather the garbage that others throw carelessly into nature… is certainly a very altruistic and admirable gesture. Even more beautiful would be if people brought respect to Nature, avoiding to throw around every kind of crap!

We collected two rusty bicycles, computer parts, road signs, table pedestals, eternit plates (with asbestos) in addition to the usual cans, pet bottles, glass bottles etc…
Where is respect? You do not learn it at the school desks, but rather from an early age, from your own family…



Raccogliere il pattume che altri gettano con noncuranza nella natura… è certamente un gesto molto altruistico e ammirevole. Ancora più bello sarebbe se la gente portasse rispetto alla natura, evitando di gettare in giro ogni tipo di schifezza!

Abbiamo raccolto due biciclette arruginite, dei pezzi di computer, cartelli stradali, piedistalli di tavoli, placche di eternit (con amianto) oltre alle solite lattine, bottiglie pet, bottiglie di vetro ecc…
Dov’è il rispetto? Non lo si impara sui banchi di scuola, ma bensì sin da piccoli, dalla propria famiglia…

11 Replies to “Clean Up Day…but it shoudn’t be necessary!”

    1. I don’t need to have special days to do that 🙂 I always bent down to pic up trash even in the city… with the passers-by who look at me with strange eyes, thinking that I do not have to have all the wheels attached! But that’s okay, I don’t give a damn… this is my House, the beautiful Planet Earth… our Only House indeed! :-)hugs

  1. I am the same always picking up trash I walk by especially plastic bags it makes me so mad others don’t care. How some can treat the earth with no respect is a damn shame. I recycle the most I can and keep some reuseable bags in my car and purse.

    1. Well done! We shall keep up the hard work, trying to give the best example to follow… isn’t easy, I know that. I used to travel a lot and I saw the same bad habit all over the planet. Some places are a bit better (I remember Singapore where you get fines if you throw anything of the streets)… But humans should do better, it shoudn’t be necessery to give fines to respect Nature!
      Thank you for your contibution, it’s precious, and keep giving the good example! Hugs :-)claudine

    1. Certi genitori, credimi, li prenderei a pedate per il fondoschiena… lasciamo perdere i Paesi del Sud dove forse non si rendono conto di ciò che accade (anche se persino in uno sperduto villaggio della Tanzania ci trovi antenne TV e cellulari…)
      Da qualche anno ho preso l’abitudine scostante di fotografare immondizia in ogni posto che visito, poi mi faccio scrupoli ed evito di pubblicare codeste foto assieme a quelle belle e attraenti che piacciono così tanto ai turisti! Secondo te, faccio male? Dovrei pubblicarle senza farmi scrupoli? Un abbraccio :-)c

  2. I’m so grateful that you are in this world, loving our beautiful planet, keep on doing what you do so selflessly. You are a wonderful light, always there and shining….xxx

    1. If each human being would do a little effort… it could be a good example for other to follow! I wish we could have each day a “clean up day” event just to demonstrate that it’s important to do it for the future generations…
      Hugs and love, dear Dina :-)c

    1. Sometimes it’s debilitating Sue, but worst of all is that each singular time I see such careless actions I get quite mad and I can’t resist the temptation to rage with horrible words these troglodytes… which isn’t useful in my quiet way of living. Hugs :-)claudine

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