What is behind a mozzarella of Bufala…

Just a few words for the English speaking:
this is what is happening in Italy, but I guess is just about the same story around the whole planet Earth.
Misuse of animals for economic reasons… this is about the quite famous “mozzarella di bufala” a must for the gourmet. I am sure if each one of us does a deep reflection about such things, before buying or eating we could make a real difference and avoid that these horrible things to happen. This is just about “milk”, but even behind a simple mozzarella there is pain, horror, and mistreatment of the aminals producing the basic product: milk.
Sometimes, nowadays, you even can’t be sure anymore about those who claims to produce “bio”… it is a world going out of control.

See the images and short spot… no other words are necessary.
Most of all there is only one thing to start with: stop buying products with are involved with the deep suffering of animals.
This is a good start… spread the words, do some good for the planet.

9 Replies to “What is behind a mozzarella of Bufala…”

    1. Tito… “culla della cultura”? Ma di quale cultura parli? Eppure scene come queste ve ne sono milioni sul web… basta entrare in un sito che si occupa a spada tratta di protezione degli animali! (Avaaz – greenpeace – Peta, solo per citarne un paio).
      È un orrore e a mio avviso chi abusa o maltratta un animale deve essere perseguito giuridicamente e condannato. Nei peggiori dei casi, sono per la pena capitale… ogni creatura vivente merita di essere tutelata! Un sereno fine settimana bacio :-)claudine

  1. Grazie per la condivisione! Non deve esserci censura per questo martirio che avviene sotto gli occhi bendati di tutti solo ed esclusivamente per garantire un profitto opportunista utile a soddisfare una fame ipocrita!

  2. Sono troppo impegnati a verificare la misura, al millimetro, delle nostre ostriche, per rendersi davvero utili in qualcosa.
    Felice proseguimento di settimana.

    1. Actually, it is normal that such information is well hidden… or the farmer wouldn’t sell. I am very sensitive to the animal welfare… and I try to sensibilize the readers. There is much you can do when trying to protect the planet, starting with the animals, and I guess you are an animal lover as well! Definitely is better to let the little bats in your garden find their rest under the roofs or hidden in some plants’ foliage… far away from your feline little friends!
      Serenity :-)c

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