Nationwide Outrage Grows Over Gruesome Abuse of “Puppy Doe”

Without words… senza parole…

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Source Care2
By Susan Bird

If you hate stories about cruelty to animals, give this one a pass. It’s one of the most savagely horrific animal crimes in recent memory and it will break your heart. What’s worse is that the sick, twisted perpetrator is unknown and remains at large. Still reading? You’ve been warned.

This sweet little brindle and white pit bull puppy once had a name. She’s known to the world now as “Puppy Doe,” but once upon a time she was Kiya, and she was loved. When her owner’s landlord decided she couldn’t keep a pit bull puppy, however, a Craigslist ad found Kiya a new home. That’s when the real tragedy began to unfold.

Kiya’s new owner got rid of her a few months later, apparently because she didn’t want her anymore or couldn’t care for her. Somehow, Kiya ended up in the hands of monsters.

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3 Replies to “Nationwide Outrage Grows Over Gruesome Abuse of “Puppy Doe””

  1. I haven’t read it all Claudine, just the little you said about the poor creatures being beaten. I have no words to describe how this sort of disgusting cruelty disturbs me and leaves me numb…..I know what I’d like to do to people like this.xxxx

  2. Dear Lina, the brutality of the humans has no equal… in the animalword instincts dictate behavior, linked to the survival of the individual or of the group. The pain I feel whenever I see similar images, is poignant. I can’t do much, I feel helpless and even if I try to contain the anger inside me, I have thoughts like yours. Perhaps it’s the destiny of mankind: we have lost our “route” and now we await in oblivion that something terrible will happen… I teach respect and love to both my kids and I can only try as far as I may to feel compassion…

    1. Yes, I agree with all you’ve said.. My daughter only became veggie at 18…although she only ever ate chicken before that. I’m know you are showing your beautiful talented kids the right path. xxxx

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